Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

Oops where did last year go? I still haven't got started on last year's new year resolutions!

As you will see from the title page, "Fabulous Party Cakes & Cup Cakes" will be out in March and is already available for pre-order.

You know it's an odd business writing a book. It's hugely intense for a number of months trying to fit writing, making the cakes, photography and general panics and deadlines around family life. Then the intensity dies down while the book is edited. Then it comes back for you to proof read, to check for mistakes and by this time you've had a bit of a chance to lift you head above the parapets. Now you find yourself wracked with concern. Is it as good as you hope? Will anyone buy it? and... and... and...

Anyway, I guess Tuttle the publishers must be pleased with it as they've already asked me to begin work on ideas for the next book. So you know what? Now that deadlines are once more on the horizon I have a strong suspicion that that this year's New year resolutions will be falling by the wayside again!

Happy New Year

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