Friday, 4 March 2011

Christmas Came a bit Early!

Well there I am putting together a Christmas cake for the next book. As it's only March it's a bit early to get enthusiastic about Christmas so to get in the mood I had put on a Christmas hat and was playing Christmas music full blast.
Suddenly I realise the doorbell's ringing. I answer it - it's a delivery man and he's looking at me a bit strangely. I realise I'm still wearing the Santa hat and "Little Drummer Boy" is belting out of the kitchen.
He hands me a parcel. "Present for you" he says. We look at each other. He doesn't miss a beat. "Ho Ho Ho" he says totally deadpan. As I shut the door I see his shoulders in his van heaving with laughter.
I suppose it's nice that my work entertains people even if it's not in quite the way I'd intended!

I have now removed the Santa hat and am playing "Take That"!

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